Sunday, December 25, 2005

Everything's Already Been Said About the Movie... I'll just add a few small points.

To the prop department: if it was so important that we see Peter's face during the climactic battle, why did you give him a helmet with a visor? He looked like a total prat lifting it up and lowering it down every five seconds.

To the hair department: kindly arrange for the prompt execution of the person who designed Jim Broadbent's hairpieces.

To everyone involved with the production at all its stages: was it actually your intention to ship Lucy and Mr. Tumnus?

And the film itself? Is exactly as I had surmised it would be the first time I saw a trailer--Narnia by way of The Lord of the Rings. Which means that it fails not only because an approach that works for one of these works will fail for the other, but because the production lacked the sheer amount of determined, devotedly fannish craftsmanship that gave the Lord of the Rings films their unforgettable look--starting with the fake-looking, plastic weapons and ending with the simple fact that no one was willing to sacrifice their lunch break in order to teach the kid who played Peter how to hold his sword. The result, therefore, is perfectly fine for an afternoon out with the kids, but as an adaptation will seem thin and unsatisfactory even to people like myself, who aren't deeply in love with Narnia.

Oh, and whoever decided to cast Liam Neeson as Aslan? Needs to die.


Anonymous said...

Actually, inspired by someone else's comment, I closed my eyes for a few seconds while Aslan was speaking, and Liam Neeson's voice works perfectly - if you can't see Aslan's face at the same time.

I think the problem is that Aslan just doesn't look magical enough.

Abigail Nussbaum said...

Well, obviously I can't replicate your experiment, but I really don't think Aslan's looks were my problem (not that they weren't a problem. They just weren't the deal-breaker as far as I was concerned). Neeson's voice put me in mind of a kindly Sunday school teacher. Aslan should be awe-inspiring, and Neeson's voice was just nice.

Either way, can we agree that the grandeur of Aslan was not conveyed by the film?

ca said...

Yeah. Hated Liam Neeson. Was expecting, at the very least, a bass.

Loved the battle scene-- thought it was actually interesting, whereas after the first visual shock of the LOTR battles I was really bored. Although my sister, who hasn't read the book in years, was not aware after watching it that Edmund breaking the Queen's rod was actually a Big Deal, so I guess they didn't succeed in that.

Greatly enjoyed the movie while it was playing, actually. But then I left the movie, and felt kind of hollow inside, like it hadn't really satisfied me.

Anonymous said...

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