Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Could Someone Please Tell Me...

...who the hell the woman on the Serenity DVD box is?

Or, more accurately, could someone please tell me how, even through the magic of photoshop, one can get to that woman's face by starting with Summer Glau's?

Excepting the disturbing cover and its disturbing implications, the DVD is quite fun. I don't usually listen to commentary tracks, but Whedon's commentary on the film is quite interesting. He goes on a bit too long about lighting and lenses, but he also has some interesting insights into the characters and the way the film's plot is constructed.

The deleted scenes are nice, but the nicest thing about them is that by and large, they were deleted for a reason. There's only one scene that I genuinely regret not seeing in the film, and even in that case I can understand why Whedon chose to cut it.

The movie, of course, still rocks.

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