Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thank God, Or Any Other Entity Involved (Veronica Mars Casting Spoilers)

From Lindsay: Is the Donut (Teddy Dunn) off Veronica Mars for good? Or will he be back in future episodes?
I can tell you the original plan was Vanilla Sprinkles would be off the show for good. He was released from the show as of Jan. 24. However, there are rumors Rob Thomas may be asking him back for another episode or two. I'm not sure whether that has yet been decided. But when I told you (about six months ago) a series regular was being written off the show this season, that is whom I was talking about. Teddy Dunn is no longer a series regular, and if and when he returns, my sense is that it won't be permanent.
I can't tell how surprised I am at this development, and how pleased. Duncan's character has been mishandled from day one, and Teddy Dunn certainly didn't help bring an extra dimension to the character. Mars' writers, however, really did seem to be trying to sell us on Veronica and Duncan as a love story with no ending, and I was certain that they'd be bringing Duncan back for more confusing, tepid romantic antics.

On the other hand, this probably means no more Lucy Lawless.

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Dotan said...

I figured Lucy Lawless' character (as opposed to the actress herself, who was there as yet-another fannish shout-out) was there to bring Dunn down a peg or three. Once the deed was done, she could ride off into the sunset.
Although, like she warned Veronica, "A Kidnapping doesn't just go away"

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