Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the Scary Thing Is, Still Less Disturbing Than the Sam-Raimi-Directs-The Wee Free Men Business

[David Jason,] the star of Only Fools and Horses, A Touch of Frost, and one-off dramas such as The Quest will play Death's servant, Albert, in the fantasy drama Hogfather, part of Pratchett's long-running Discworld series. The two-part film, which will run for a total of four hours, is part of Sky One's 2006 Christmas schedule. It is the first Discworld film to be turned into an action movie.
I assume that's supposed to be 'live action' at the end (since Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music have already been made into animated films).

On the other hand, I find the notion of a Discworld action film strangely appealing...

Link via Emerald City.

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