Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Would Pay Good Money To See This Happen, But Somehow I'm Not Holding My Breath


tzipi said...

that is fantastic.

Sherwood said...

He missed the third cliche. They get raped, they get pregnant, or they get cancer. (But only the good ones get the latter.)

Paul Brown said...

I know that its not quite the same, but the whole "chip in Spike's head" thing could be viewed as a form of castration; not so much directly in a sexual sense, but in the way that vampires feeding replaces / substitutes sexuality in most literature (the works of Anne Rice spring to mind).
The difficulty with the analogy of course is the relative ease with which he found a new outlet for his frustrations and then changed completely as a person in order to fit his new circumstances. I'm sure that a genuine eunuch would have much more difficulty coming to terms with their condition.

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