Sunday, March 12, 2006


AtWQ is going on hiatus for the next two weeks as I enjoy my graduation gift to myself--a trip to the UK, visiting friends and hopefully not freezing to death (apparently, it's still winter over there, whereas I am already seriously considering my summer wardrobe). Expect me back some time around the 27th, with tales of my travels and possibly some thoughts about Battlestar Galactica (in a nutshell: "Lay Down Your Burdens II" rocked and even did a little to retroactively improve my opinion of part 1; the winter season is four for ten, and I'm not at all certain that the shocking reboot is enough to get the show back on track).

Feel free to poke around the site if you haven't already done so--the 'Posts of Note' section to the right has some good starting points--or explore the blogroll. I should be reachable by e-mail, but I can't promise a prompt response. By the same token, weblog comments will probably be ignored until I get back.

Have a lovely two weeks--I certainly intend to. See you on the flip side.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I found the season finale of BSG to be somewhat problematic, mostly for ideological reasons. I devoted a post in my own blog to the subject:

Have fun in the UK!


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