Monday, August 07, 2006

Self-Promotion 9 - Special Doctor Who Edition

It's Doctor Who week at Strange Horizons! The reviews section is dedicated to contemplations of the show's second season, kicking off today with Iain Clark's Doctor Who and the Nostalgia Factor, which discusses "School Reunion" and companions past and present. Tomorrow, Tim Phipps will be chiming in with his take on "Love & Monsters" and the fannish mindset, and on Wednesday it'll my turn to offer some observations on the season finale. Graham Sleight will review the season as a whole on Thursday. New reviews will go live every day at SH's reviews page--enjoy.


Mike Taylor said...

Hey, Abigail. I read your review over on that other site - interestiong. But I bet if you posted it here, too, you'd get more feedback and discussion.

Abigail Nussbaum said...

Well, part of my contract with SH is that I grant them exclusive rights to the piece for, I believe, the first 60 days after its publication. But in general I don't tend to repost stuff here if it's available elsewhere.

Mike Taylor said...

OK, no problem.

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