Friday, October 06, 2006


With no small amount of trepidation, I've made the switch to Blogger Beta: Everything Wordpress Can Do, We Can Do Better or At Least As Well (We Hope). There are several new features that I've been clamoring for, mainly post categories (see sidebar) and a comment feed. Also, obviously, a layout makeover, which I think we can all agree was long overdue.

I'd be very happy for some feedback. Is the new layout pretty/ugly/in need of some drastic changes (I can change the color scheme rather easily and may in fact end up doing so)? Are there any categories I've missed or that I should get rid of? Should I syndicate the comment feed on LJ? For that matter, which is preferrable--a site-wide comment feed or individual comment feeds for each post?


Stephen said...

I think it's great having the categories. Personally I liked the old look better, though -- this new one is a bit clunky & generic (sorry).

Niall said...

Should I syndicate the comment feed on LJ?

I vote yay to syndication of a site-wide comment feed.

Anonymous said...

I think the new design rocks and now can happily forward your blog to other people with the e-mail: "Read the Veronica Mars bit" instead of looking for it myself and then sending it. Keep up the good work!:)


Stephen said...

...on second glance, now I'm not even sure. Better disregard what I said about the new look.

Do love the categories, though.

Abigail Nussbaum said...

I vote yay to syndication of a site-wide comment feed.

Well, then, someone else is going to have to take care of that - apparently, you have to be a paid LJ user to syndicate a feed.

(And if someone does do this, could they please post a link here so I can put it up on the main page?)

Niall said...


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