Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Have the Coolest Little Brother in the World

Behold my slightly-belated birthday present:

As you might have gathered from the key in his side, this is a wind-up toy--Bender walks. He also comes with a detachable stogie and a can of Mom's Robot Oil.

(Available from, since I know some of you will want to know.)


Anonymous said...

Nice! I can't help thinking that Bender's metal ass will be a great deal more shiny than usual in that toy.

the.exile said...

*quietly jealous*

That is pretty damn cool.

Happy slightly belated Birthday, then.

Mae Travels said...

Coincidence: a small child visiting us last night was playing with my Russian moon pod that winds up and walks on the "moon." It was a present from Jon and his ex Mindy long ago -- recall they work for NASA and are fans of all space toys. Among my windups I have quite a few robots.


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