Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Promise Not to Make a Habit of This

But look! A puppy!

Her name is Luna. She's a mixed Pointer, about two months old. In the 30-something hours she's been in the house she's managed to steal two shoes and do something adorable about once every three seconds. She's also figured out what the kitchen is for, and has perfected her dinner-table mournful stare (sadly, to no effect). Adoptive big sister Belle is dubious about the entire exercise, but recognizes that the foolishness of humans is something to be tolerated. If the fish have an opinion they have, thus far, kept it to themselves.


the.exile said...

Working on the principle that fish only have a seven second memory, their opinion is probably along the lines of:

"Oh look! A puppy! (bubble bubble) Oh look! A puppy! (bubble swim) Oh look! A puppy! (swim swim) Oh look! A puppy! (swim bubble) Oh look! A puppy! (bubble swim bubble) etc Hey Look! Galactica! (bubble bubble bubble) Hey Look! A puppy!) "

Hannah said...

That is a _very_ fine puppy.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Belle is still around! How does puppy like all the dogs on your walking route?


Abigail Nussbaum said...

She hasn't had the park-full-of-dogs experience yet - it's not recommended to let puppies out in areas frequented by many dogs before they've had all their shots - but she and our neighbor's puppy (a four-month-old French Bulldog) have developed quite the rapport.

Sadly, by the time she can be taken to the park it'll be fall and there won't be the kind of crowd you get in the summer.

Jackie M. said...

I and my German Shorthair Pointer are trying to figure out why on earth you would promise not to make a habit of posting pictures of that picture-perfect puppy.

(We are also trying to figure out how best to kidnap her. Better keep a watchful eye out.)

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