Monday, November 26, 2007

Self-Promotion 16

My review of the Battlestar Galactica TV movie "Razor" appears in today's Strange Horizons. If you've clicked through from there, you might be interested in some of my other posts about the show, or at least in the odd effect of the reverse chronological order they're presented in--you can watch me get less and less bitter, and finally enthusiastic, about the series.


Maddyanne said...

It is nitpicking, I suppose. But I felt the same way about the very important, handed down from the past, Fray continuity reference weapon on Buffy. It's a ax with a scythe-esque haft, not a scythe.

Excellent review.

paul said...

Wonderful review over at Strange Horizons. Very insightful, concise stuff. I pretty much agree that the Ressurection Ship episodes were the last good ones of BSG (though I enjoyed Exodus a great deal, it really wasn't BSG). In retrospect, now that the third season is over with, I think the decision to kill Cain was a monumental mistake (and the way in which it was handled was poor). I don't think the creative team knew what to do with Pegasus after that, and they floundered.

Getting back to Razor, I agree that Cain's portrayal stunk. She was a monster to begin with, or she was a glass psyche, and that just didn't add up to anything exciting. Didn't care for Kendra, because nothing she does adds up, and she dies at the end anyway. Ho hum.

The tool analogy fits, I think. It sounds hip, but it's a fundamental mistake. Just like you said, we're getting cold soup, and told it's hot four-star quality stuff. Ultimately, that's depressing, as I rather liked the reinventio of BSG. It just makes everything look like it was successful by accident. Boo!

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