Thursday, March 06, 2008

Now That Makes a Little More Sense

Israeli film critic Yair Raveh links to this clip off the I Am Legend DVD, of the film's original ending.

To be honest, though it's obviously better than the tacked on upbeat ending the theatrical version shipped with, I don't think this ending works perfectly either. There would have had to be changes to the body of the film too, which stressed that the transformed humans were still feeling creatures. There are hints of this in the theatrical version, when the zombie male goes to extreme lengths to rescue the woman Smith's character captures for experimentation, but considering that we're talking about flesh-eating zombies who have all but depopulated the Earth, I think a little more effort, and a corresponding emphasis on the Smith character's monstrousness towards the zombies, were necessary to bring this point home. For all I know, though, that's on the DVD too.


Anonymous said...

Agreed on all counts.

the.exile said...

I think that the hints through the theatrical version were enough. In fact, when I was thinking about the movie the day after seeing it, I was totalling up all the little echoes of the 'family' theme throughout (the lions etc), and I was wondering why they didn't make the conclusion of that theme a little more clear.

But then again, anything is better than the survivalist wet-dream of a walled compound guarded by uniformed soldiers.

Abigail Nussbaum said...

I agree that the film equates the zombies with animals and specifically pack animals, who share an affinity with one another that we, being pack animals ourselves, can easily sympathize with. But as cool and as noble as we find, say, wolves, most of us would agree that a man-eating wolf needs to be killed. The ending as it's presented here argues that the zombies have the right to exist and continue to kill humans, which I don't feel is supported by the movie as it was released.

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