Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Coat of Paint

I've made some much-needed changes to AtWQ's layout and functionality.  Not, as this post's title would suggest, to the extent of changing the template--I'd like to, but none of Blogger's other default templates are appealing (I don't even like the default version of my current template, which has a completely different color scheme) and I haven't got the HTML know-how (nor the visual sensibility) to write my own--but still some substantive changes.  Comments, suggestions for further improvements, and other thoughts are welcome.
  • I've replaced the blog's search feature with one powered by Google which, unlike the previous one, seems to actually work.  It claims to be able to search outgoing links and the blogroll, but so far these features don't seem to be working and I may remove them.

  • I've added a recent comments application to the sidebar (after trying Blogger's default widget, which doesn't have the option to display the post title, I went third party).  It's not as nice as Wordpress's implementation, but I think it'll do.

  • The blogroll, which to my shame has been updated maybe once or twice in the blog's existence, has been brought up to date and rearranged.  I may tinker with it some more--for example, right now all my LJ links are covered by a link to my friends page, but this seems unfair to the LJ writers I read and I may replace that link with individual links to their LJs.  I've also removed the links segment, most of which was out of date.

  • I've removed the about me segment, which was also woefully out of date--I haven't been a student at the Technion for four years, for example.  I'm also no longer as sanguine as I used to be about providing a link to my old Amazon reviews, most of which are best left to oblivion.  I would have liked to keep a link to my Amazon wish list, but can't quite decide where to put it.

  • The Elsewhere Online segment on the sidebar, which linked to my writing on other websites, has been moved to its own page, linked to at the top of the blog. 


Simen said...

I suggest putting the reviews in reverse chronological order, so the newest ones appear at the top. You know, like those blog thingies... :)

Abigail Nussbaum said...

After some thought, I've decided that you're right. Now changed.

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