Friday, December 24, 2010

Strange Horizons Reviews, December 20-24

The last 2010 issue of Strange Horizons (the magazine will be on hiatus next week) features Tanya Brown's double review of K.J. Parker's novel The Folding Knife and novella Blue and Gold, two works that Brown describes as historical fiction set in a world not quite our own, and centering on a pseudo-Roman Empire.  Tony Keen reviews the anthology The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories, edited by Ian Watson and Ian Whates, which he finds comprehensive, as well as a good way of exploding the perception of alternate history as being obsessed with stories about Hitler and/or the Confederacy winning their respective wars.  Finally, Hannah Strom-Martin reviews Ken Scholes's Antiphon, the follow-up to Canticle and Lamentation (also reviewed by Hannah), and finds that though it has its strong points, on the whole the book is a disappointment.

Have a good holiday, those of you celebrating, and the rest of you, have a good weekend.

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