Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox + Strange Horizons Fund Drive

My review of Elizabeth Knox's YA novel Mortal Fire appears today at Strange Horizons.  As I write in the opening of the review, I was introduced to Knox by Nina Allan's Short Fiction Snapshot about Knox's short story "A Visit to the House on Terminal Hill."  Mortal Fire turns out to be less focused and not nearly as weird as the story, but it is nevertheless an intriguing, richly detailed, sharp novel that marks Knox out as a writer to become better acquainted with.

This is also a good opportunity to mention that Strange Horizons is running its annual fund drive this month--see the arrow below tracking the drive's progress.  The money raised during this period will be used to pay our contributors and to help Strange Horizons remain (she said, with some admitted partiality) one of the best sources online for speculative fiction and non-fiction.  The main fund drive with details about how to donate and publicize the drive can be found here.  Anyone who donates will be entered in a prize drawing whose prizes are listed here (prizes are updated regularly so check back).  And as donation levels are reached, we'll be releasing bonus content (which already includes several reviews) which is collected here.

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