Wednesday, October 19, 2005


If you're a member of the Israeli SFF Society, or visiting ICon this week, you can find my thoughts about the subject of Mundane SF in the society's quarterly, The Tenth Dimension.

If you've arrived here after reading the article, I salute your tenacity, as the URL given under my byline is incorrect. As a reward, here are some of my thoughts on SFF matters: on being a genre fan, Neal Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle, the fiction of M. John Harrison, and the new Battlestar Galactica.


Dotan said...

So, what are you writing for the next issue? I need a chance to print the correct URL.

Abigail Nussbaum said...

Heh. But not to worry, karma paid me back - I got linked to by Bookslut on Thursday.

As for what I'm writing for the next issue... Right now there's that modern fantasy essay that came second to the Mundane SF idea back in August, but I'll have to think some more and see if any other ideas occur to me. There's time, right?

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