Just to Be Clear...

... I have no horse in tonight's awards. Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica have been shut out of the nominations. Doctor Who isn't eligible. Lost doesn't deserve to win (well, maybe Terry O'Quinn does). I've never seen Desperate Housewives. Deadwood is still the best show on TV, but its second season falls so short of the brilliance of its first (which the Emmys completely ignored) that any victory tonight will seem hollow.

That said, if Ian McShane gets passed over for best actor again, I would consider him well within his rights to burn down the building.

UPDATE: Well, fuck. You just know Al Swearengen would know what to do about this.


Anonymous said…
Something has been bothering me about Deadwood since I tried to watch it - I really don't know how can anyone understand any of the words they say. I expect actors to clearly pronounce their words for the sake of the viewer, even at the expense of realism, and they just wont do it at Deadwood.

How did you manage?
I've never had any problem with enunciation on Deadwood - I actually think that most of the actors on the show are classically trained and have pretty good diction. I admit that I don't catch 100% of what the actors say, but that mostly has to do with the flowery dialogue, which is a major component of the show's charm as far as I'm concerned.

In short, the secret is a nimble finger with the pause and rewind buttons, Television Without Pity's recaps, and the understanding that one of the advantages of a show that uses 100 words when 5 will do is that you don't have to catch every single thing the characters say to follow the plot.

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