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The Green Knight

A few weeks ago, film critics on my twitter feed were united with derision at an article on ScreenRant . Or really, at the article's headline and subhed— "The Green Knight Used The Same Smart Tactic As Marvel's Disney+ Shows: The Green Knight follows in the footsteps of Marvel's Disney+ shows, which all centered characters that didn't get their due in the MCU films." The clickbaity angle garnered a lot of predictable responses—"I'm begging you people to watch another movie ", "not everything has to be a franchise!", "dude, do you even know Arthuriana?"—but even before watching The Green Knight , it seemed to me that most of these were missing the point. Yes, the comparison between indie filmmaker David Lowery's low budget, art-house adaptation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to something like WandaVision or Loki is ridiculous. But mainly because those shows had a foundation of thirteen years, twenty-some movies, and