Not too many coherent thoughts in my head yet--hopefully tomorrow or the next day. Right now I'm mostly thinking stuff like 'wow' and 'wheee' and 'damn'. Not to mention 'again' and 'more'.

I was actually a little hesitant about going to see the film at ICon. I tend to find the rambunctiousness of the convention crowd rather irritating, and as a moviegoing experience it can also leave something to be desired (queuing for half an hour in front of the locked theatre door because the con organizers are allergic to assigned seating, a minimum of 15 minutes' delay before the show starts, occasionally a little lecture before the actual film--I still have nightmares about coming to ICon 2002 to watch the sixth season Buffy premiere and being treated to 20 minutes on why Marti Noxon is the devil), but tonight I was reminded of why the ICon crowd is sometimes the best kind to watch favorite shows with--they all loved the characters and the show as much as I did, and they cheered and laughed and cried when I did. When the film ended, everyone around me was clapping as hard as they could and we all knew why.

Again. And more.


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