The Best of SciFiction: 2002


Anonymous said…
'What I Didn't See' justifies Karen Joy Fowler's career? DO you mean it's her best story or her only good story? I'd argue strongly against either interpretation.

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Anonymous said…
I have to echo Pigeonhed's confusion -- Karen is a brilliant writer and her work is uniformly excellent and wonderful. She's my favorite living writer.
I was echoing your meaning, Gwenda - that if Fowler had published nothing during her career but "What I Didn't See", she'd still deserve the praise heaped on her and more - wasn't that you were saying about SciFiction and that story?

I haven't read enough of Fowler's other stuff to speak about her knowledgeably, but I agree that she's an excellent writer, although my favorite remains "What I Didn't See".

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