Read It And Go WHOA

A trip through LiveJournal brought me to this freaking awesome analysis of Veronica Mars, touching on Meg, Weevil, but mostly concentrating on Logan and Lamb. I want to make it clear that you should read the entire thing and then go check out this brief addendum, but here's a small taste:
Some of the ways in which Lamb mirrors Logan have to do with his attitude towards Veronica; some don't. The obvious ones include the industrial-grade snarking they do at each other, the open hostility over points on which they differ, and each party's refusal to back down in the face of the other. But aside from Veronica, Lamb and Logan share other characteristics. They're both, to be frank, assholes, and Veronica isn't the only person they treat poorly. They're both pretty heavy on the machismo, and are both arrogant as hell. Moreover -- and here's the interesting thing -- they both have this belief in and insistence on their own rightness (NOT righteousness, mind). Logan thinks it's okay to burn down a community pool because the PCHers shot at his car. Lamb thinks he's a great sheriff and proceeds to blackmail Terrence Cook for charity money. Both of them, notably, are taking the law into their own hands (over and above the strictures of his office, in Lamb's case.)


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