Television Without Pity's Got Competition...

Sure, TWoP's two Farscape recaps (of the premiere and of the second season episode "Crackers Don't Matter") were hilarious, but we all know that it's the show's fourth season that deserves a touch of snark. Enter Danny at ToughPigs, whose recaps are solely responsible for the fact that I've been getting a lot of funny looks today as I remember really funny bits and start snorting and laughing.
The theme of today's episode, really, is that Technology Of The Future Is Not Any Better Than The Technology We Have Today. After the whole hands-in-vomit thing, then Chiana and Sikozu spend minutes and minutes trying to figure out what complex sequence of buttons operates the cannon. They're smart people, and clearly very experienced shooting weapons at things, but it takes them forever to figure out how to do it. Isn't there a Big Red Button somewhere marked LASER CANNON? I mean, my laser cannon has one of those, and I got it on sale at Best Buy. You'd think the Big Red Button would be pretty much standard on any laser cannon in the universe, but not on D'argo's ship. Even a spaceship constructed by Microsoft would at least have a little animated paper clip come out and say, "It looks like you're trying to fire a laser cannon at an electrostatic barrier. Would you like help?"
Go. Read.


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