Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Best of SciFiction: 2005

Can't quite believe I managed to finish this little project. In a way, I'm endebted to SciFi for pulling the plug on SciFiction--given my dislike for reading fiction on the computer, I doubt I would have read through the archives if I hadn't known their time online was limited. I'm even more endebted to the existence of this blog--the knowledge of having committed myself publicly to the task spurred me on--and I hope that I've inspired some of you to take a look at these stories and maybe the entire archives. I still don't like reading on the computer (for some reason, the block doesn't extend to non-fiction and blog entries), but there's no denying that SciFiction was a remarkable accomplishment, and that its archives contain some of the finest short fiction within the genre (and, in some cases, without it). We have truly lost something special.


Jay Lake said...

I'm glad you liked "The Canadian". Thank you for taking the time to look so thoroughly.

Tim said...

Is the SciFiction archive going to remain online, or will it eventually be taken down? I must confess I have only just discovered it through your blog, and I'd love to trawl through the archives.

Abigail Nussbaum said...

Jay, it was my pleasure. Thank you (and Ruth) for writing the story.

Tim, according to Ellen Datlow, the archives will remain online for at least the next year. I hope they'll be kept alive permanently, but it seems like a bit much to hope for.

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