Thursday, January 19, 2006

In Lieu of Actual Content...

My rule of thumb is that I don't let four days elapse without posting something to AtWQ (and if you want to know why four days and not three or five, I'm fairly certain that a couple of weeks into the blog's lifetime I took a look at my posting history and saw that the longest I'd gone without posting was four days, so). Unfortunately, the last week has seen some time- and attention-consuming real life developments which have left me constitutionally incapable of not only consuming art but also making cogent observations about said art. Seriously, the best I can offer right now is to say that Connor Trinneer is way, way better than Stargate: Atlantis deserves, to the point that I'm wondering whether someone should let him know that he's already paid up in the 'sole redeeming feature of otherwise sucky SF show' department.

So, as the title states, in lieu of actual content I'm going to leave you with this observation and hope that the next few days will see me return to some semblance of normalcy:

Did anyone else notice that when Fanty (or Mingo) tosses a coin to the fan dancer at the Maidenhead, he's doing it so that she'll start dancing in front of the viewscreen/security camera, thus concealing their meeting with Mal and Jayne from the all-seeing eye of the Alliance? There's actually a shot from the security camera's point of view that shows the fan dancer carefully positioning her fans so that they constantly hide the table the foursome are sitting at.

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Jon Rosebaugh said...

Yeah, I thought that was amusing.

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