Oh Goody, Time to Start Reading the Aegypt Books

Nick Antosca has a great interview with John Crowley, AKA the author you should all be reading (start with Little, Big). As one might expect from Crowley's Readerville visits and his posts on his new livejournal, all that's really required to get beautiful and evocative thoughts about his career in particular and life in general out of Crowley is giving him a platform from which to speak--I couldn't pick a pull-quote if I wanted to. He does, however, have good news about the fourth and final Aegypt novel:
I'm not able to make the official announcement yet – the publisher wants to prepare his/her own press release announcing this momentous thing – but the book is, three years after its completion, at last going to be published, late next spring, from a surprising source. More on my Internet Journal [see below] when this is closer to actuality.
(Via Bookslut)


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