Miracle of Miracles

With impeccable timing, Television Without Pity has decided to recap The Second Coming (part 1 is up, part 2 is presumably upcoming). The bad news is that they gave the job to Jacob; the good news, that for something by Jacob the recap is actually quite readable. There's none of the fawning adoration that made me drop his Battlestar Galactica recaps, and because The Second Coming wasn't primarily intended to be funny, he can't wring all the fun out of it the way he does with Doctor Who and Farscape. He's also being relatively succinct (20 pages for a 90 minute show, when he usually does more for 45-minute episodes), which means that instances of using as many words as possible to make the fucking obvious seem profound are kept to a bare minimum.

Still not funny, though.


Kitten said…
Is Jacob the one who's obsessed with Gnostic philosophy? Why do they keep letting him do recaps? He sometimes says interesting things, but it's all buried under a ton of unnecessary verbiage and pretentious and irrelevant speculation.

And most importantly, he never brings the funny.
Anonymous said…
Jacob's Doctor Who recaps are the most pretentious things I've ever read.

I mean, it's Doctor Who for God's sake.
Anonymous said…
I've never read any of his Dr. Who recaps, but whenever he subs for Couch Baron on the Veronica Mars recaps, I feel as though I've just spent an hour in the company of hyperactive, highly verbal seventh grader who forgot to take his Ritalin. It's exhausting.

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