Saturday, August 19, 2006

Looking For Stats in All the Wrong Places

It's been three days since either the main site, the forums, or my user site responded at all, and I think it's time to admit that my beloved StatCounter is dead, dead, dead. Which leaves me in need of a new stat-gathering service, and so far they've all been depressingly awful. I gave Google Analytics the old college try, but it's clearly oriented towards business users and drowns me with useless information while ignoring or burying the data I need. For example, it only lists referrring sites by the root directory, which might make sense if you're running a business, but when trying to engage in a coversation, there's a huge difference between a person clicking through from and someone coming from, or between a person who clicks through from a blog entry posted six months ago or this afternoon.

So, does anyone out there have a good (free) website statistics service to recommend? I'm looking for something that offers a good at-a-glance summary--StatCounter used a simple bar graph that listed page loads, individual visitors, and repeat visitors for each day--as well as decent referral logs and search keywords (and while we're on the subject: I've been tickled pink at the number of hits--most recently in the area of once a day--this entry gets from searches along the lines of 'I changed my screen's resolution on Windows and now everything's gone black'). Visitor paths would be nice--I've found them a most comfortable tool when trying to understand how people are using the site--but not necessary. Most importantly, I do not want a mandatory counter on the site, and a huge banner ad on every page is out of the question.

My other option, I suppose, is to switch over to another service, which is something that I've been considering for a while, and the reasons to do it have been piling up. I know WordPress offers web stats--any word on how good they are? Also, does anyone know how feasible/difficult it would be to move over AtWQ's archives (comments included) to another blog service?

UPDATE: It is risen! Behold the power of complaining!

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Lazygal said...

My StatCounter is still working... they even added a neat GoogleMap of where your recent visitors are from. I've tried other counters, but wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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