On the Other Hand, 'Rogue Landscaper'?

Nathan Fillion joins Tim Minear's new show Drive:
The show, from 20th Century Fox TV and executive producers Tim Minear, Ben Queen and Greg Yaitanes, chronicles an underground race across America.

Fillion will play Alex Tully, a charming, rogue landscaper who is coerced into joining the race to search for his wife who had been abducted.
Let's all just cross our fingers and hope that the Firefly/Wonderfalls/The Inside curse has run its course.

Via. There are a few brief scenes from Drive in this self-made Minear fan video.


Fred said…
Personally, I almost want to see an entire show about a rogue landscaping crew. I suspect they'd be a little like The A-Team. But with gardening shears, and mulch.
Raz Greenberg said…
To tell the truth, I couldn't connect with "Woderfalls" and "The Inside" just bored me. I did like Minear's work on "Angel" and "Firefly" - perhaps he's doing better working under someone else.

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