Not Dead

The tumbleweeds have been blowing through AtWQ lately, for which I apologize. I could blame work--and I will--but also February has turned out to be something of a dead month, culture-wise.

Happily, March is already shaping up quite nicely. The final Nebula ballot is online, and you all know what that means--look for my reviews of the short fiction nominees in the near future.

A few observations on the ballot:

  • Michael A. Burstein has a piece in the novella category. Oh, joy.

  • M. Rickert's "Anyway" didn't make the cut from the preliminary ballot, which is a crime. On the other hand, Rickert has a story on the novelette ballot.

  • The Nebula jury added Battlestar Galactica's "Unfinished Business" to the best script category, thus cementing its irrelevance.


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