Warning: May Cause Deep Sadness

Hot off the season 3 DVD, the Veronica Mars season 4 'pilot', Rob Thomas's attempt to sketch out the show's revamped form with Veronica as an FBI agent: part 1 & 2. (See also the season 3 blooper reel.)

The crazy thing is, I actually have a list of likes and dislikes in response to this, as though it weren't just a sad reminder of something that'll (probably) never be but an actual prelude to a new season. I think the pace could use a little picking up, but I'm pleased to see Veronica surrounded by other smart, observant, driven people, something the third season toyed with but never fully explored.

You see? Madness! I was happier before I watched this.


Fred said…
It's...it's not awful. I somehow managed to miss that they'd actually filmed any of this, that it wasn't just a kooky idea Thomas toyed with.

I think I liked the third season more than some, if not most, but I could see how this might have worked, maybe.

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