Back Through the Wormhole: Table of Contents

I've noticed several people linking to the series now that it's over, and to facilitate this, here is a link post.
  1. Introduction

  2. The Two DS9s - Did Deep Space Nine only get good in its later seasons?

  3. The Menagerie - Alien races on the show

  4. Looking for Ron Moore in All the Wrong Places - The obligatory Battlestar Galactica comparison

  5. What Does God Need With a Space Station? - Deep Space Nine's treatment of religion

  6. Ode to Kira - Just what it says

  7. The Justice Trick - Odo and his troubled relationships with Kira and morality

  8. Odds & Ends - A few more comments


Anonymous said…
Just a note to say that I greatly enjoyed these posts. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I don't suppose you'd be interested in doing this kind of thing for the other series, would you? As interesting as your thoughts were on DS9, I'm equally interested to see what your thoughts are on the rest of the franchise.

Feel free to contact me at otto_von_sitter[at]yahoo[dot]com
Hi, CX. I have no plans, at present, to go back to any of the other Star Trek series. I think I'd be too nervous to go back to The Next Generation or the original Trek. I watched both of them when I was quite young - less than ten for the original series, and in my early teens for TNG. I doubt they'd hold up on a second viewing, especially as I know that the qualities I tend to value in television nowadays - character and plot arcs, complex worldbuilding - weren't the strong suit of either series. I never watched Voyager regularly, and nothing I've heard of it makes me wish otherwise, and once through Enterprise's run was quite enough, thank you very much. So, maybe some day for TNG or TOS, but not any time soon.
Anonymous said…
That's a pity. I'm not a real big fan of the other series either, but it'd still be interesting to see a detailed and thoughtful analysis of them. You not only made me think about DS9 again, but also B5 and BSG with your posts on those shows. I'm also a weird quasi-fan of ENT, personally. I have no hesitation to point out its many faults, including with the two characters I seem to paradox ally have so much interest in, but on some level I still like ENT, even if it's just that I like the idea of ENT and thought the execution sucked. That's actually why I took on a writing project to rewrite ENT the way I would've done it, but that's another story. ;)
Anonymous said…
Loved reading these articles. Some great, intelligent, and thought provoking articles on my favourite Trek show.


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