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Something to tide you over while I battle the dreaded deadline-Passover combo.
  • Andrew Rilstone has been writing about Doctor Who. As usual, I disagree with most of what he says (though he is dead on about Torchwood's full title), but love to watch him say it.

  • I and several other more qualified and informed people sound off on the state of the short fiction market on another edition of SF Signal's Mind Meld.

  • Against my better judgment, I am somewhat intrigued by the premise of Ron Moore's new show. Hey, it sounds better than Caprica.

  • Small Beer Press have made John Kessel's collection The Baum Plan for Financial Independence available for free under a Creative Commons License. Two of the stories from this collection, including the title piece, made my list of favorites when I made my review of the Sci Fiction archives a few years back, so I'm quite eager to read the rest.


Standback said…
Happy Pesach :)

...and good luck on the deadline...

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