Part one of my review of the 2008 Arthur C. Clarke Award nominees is up at Strange Horizons. The second part will be published on Wednesday, and the award itself will be announced that evening. Over at Torque Control, Niall Harrison has been collecting other reviews of the shortlisted novels, and of particular interest may be two other comprehensive looks at the shortlist--Adam Roberts's over at his blog (according to Niall a while back, there's also a shortlist review forthcoming from Adam.  UPDATE: and here it is) and Nic Clarke at Eve's Alexandria (currently up to four of the six nominated novels).

In other award news, by now you've almost certainly seen the results of the Nebula award. I let my annual short fiction reviews lapse when it came to the Nebula this year, which was partly because I was busy with the Clarke review, but mostly because I was having trouble justifying giving the Nebula--an award whose relevance I've come to have serious doubts about--so much of my time and energy. The results, however, are surprisingly satisfactory--I'm particularly pleased with Karen Joy Fowler's win for "Always," though I can't help but wish she'd triumphed over a more worthy field. It's possible that I'll go back to reviewing the Nebula-nominated shorts next year, and of course, I'll be posting my reviews of this year's Hugo-nominated stories in the near future.


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