My review of The X-Files: I Want to Believe, appears today at Strange Horizons. Shockingly, it is not positive. If you've clicked through from there you might also be interested in my posts about Wall-E and The Dark Knight.


RichM said…
It seemed like a combination of bad writing full of holes (self-link) and a willingness to simply go through the motions. And not even the distraction of eye candy to cut the tedium.

It was so disappointing, I did what I never do and went out the next night to see a movie that had a chance of being good. And Hellboy II was, at that.
Boutade said…
A very nice review Abigail. Probably your best yet. I wondered what had happened to the movie (my fan friends hadn't said word one about it, which surprised me). Now that I read your review, I see I didn't miss much, and if all we have now are the good years, that's fine with me.

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