Self Promotion of a Slightly Different Kind

Those of you attending Icon, the Israeli science fiction convention at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, may be interested in a panel discussion I'll be participating in tomorrow. The title is A 2009 Model - Futuristic Feminine TV Action, and the topic is the intersection of woman and machine in recent television series, with a specific focus on three series: Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Caprica.

The panel is tomorrow, October 8th, at 19:00, in lecture hall 2 at the Eshkol Payis building near the Cinematheque. My fellow panelists are Dudi Goldman and Pnina Moldovno, and the moderator is Ziv Kitaro. As Worldcon taught me, it's hard to take detailed notes while participating in a discussion, but I will see if I can't put some summary up on the site. Either way, I hope to see you there.


Raz Greenberg said…
Sadly, I will be giving my lecture just at the same time, one floor up :-)

Good luck!
Standback said…
So close; so far. Not able to make it to ICon today, so I miss the chance to thank you in person for AtWQ -- and hear the discussion.

Lots of luck at the panel, and I hope we can look forward to a Good-Parts Version...
Dotan Dimet said…
I actually went to ICon on Thursday just out of fanboy curiosity to see you at the panel; Going in I wondered if other blog regulars (Abigail's mom?) were in attendance.

I had to leave before the end, but I thought the panelists managed to make some good points. I was particularly pleased with you putting in some good words about my dear, neglected Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Abigail's Mom said…
down right front.

This was my first time at an ICON panel. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the crowd and the obvious interest in the subject.

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