Here We Go Again

The voting form for the Locus Award is online, and for the second year running, Locus continues in its policy of giving its subscribers a full vote, while non-subscribers' votes count for half (the policy was actually introduced three years ago, but in the 2008 awards it was decided upon only after the votes were counted).  I wrote last year about why I think this is wrong, but just to recap briefly: I think that to ask people to vote in a poll where they get half a vote is an insult, and I don't think that we should take it.  If Locus wants to close its awards to its subscribers only, that's their right.  But right now it looks as if the magazine wants to enjoy the cachet of having the largest voting base in the field while treating some of those voters as second-class citizens.  I don't think they should get away with this.  If you're not a Locus subscriber, I urge you not to vote in the Locus poll.

I should note that I've been considering becoming a subscriber myself, now that the magazine's digital edition is available for the Kindle.  This development--I had honestly believed that cooler heads would finally prevail this year and the vote-weighting system would be retired--leaves me feeling a lot less interested in doing so.


Anonymous said…
Yep, I totally agree.


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