Strange Horizons Reviews, February 7-11

This week on Strange Horizons, Roz Kaveney discusses the suddenly very topical Deep State by Walter Jon Williams, a novel about a popular revolution in the Middle East powered by the internet.  Sara Polsky is impressed by the Kate Bernheimer-edited My Mother She Ate Me, My Father He Killed Me: Forty New Fairy Tales, in which authors from the literary and genre ends of the scale retell fairy tales.  Finally, Niall Alexander raves about Joe Abercrombie's latest The Heroes, which he calls a return to form after the disappointment of Best Served Cold, and an expression of Abercrombie's fondness for gore and unsavory characters.


Unknown said…
Did I rave? I suppose I did rave. The Joe Abercrombie rather brings out the barbarian in me...

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