Review: Torchwood: Miracle Day

My review of Torchwood: Miracle Day appears today at Strange Horizons.  Spoiler: I did not like it, but even worse than that, I found it boring.  In my review I try to touch not just on why Miracle Day didn't work, but why Torchwood failed to hold on to the huge leap forward it made with Children of Earth.

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Keef said…
It's odd. I sort of liked Miracle Day (or parts of it), but in the end it was rather unsatisfying (and very typical Russell T Davies). I also couldn't quite accept John De Lancie as an unambiguous good guy!

It reminded me quite a bit of FlashForward, in which a different global catastrophe has occurred to almost everyone on the planet, and the main characters have far too many episodes to work out what's going on and fix it. Both shows seem to have failed.
Jodie said…
Oh THANK GOODNESS. All I seem to meet now are people who were brought into Torchwood by Miracle Day and think it is great - even my most sci-fi sceptic friend is into it. There were good, very small, very isolated moments in there and the last episode was the best all series but's just not Torchwood. It's like a poor spin off from Torchwood made in America. Anyway...legs it towards your review.
Lillian said…
I agree. I absolutely loved Torchwood...until America got ahold of it. We made it safe, which in turn made it boring. Safe and boring, no thank you.

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