Saturday, September 24, 2011

Strange Horizons Reviews, September 19-23

As well as my own review of Torchwood: Miracle Day, this week sees the publication of Duncan Lawie's review of Dancing With Bears: The Postutopian Adventures of Darger and Surplus by Michael Swanwick.  Duncan's project is to discover whether the novel, in which Swanwick expands on his short stories featuring the titular pair of con-men and rogues, has more to it than the sense of whimsy that characterizes those stories.  On Friday, Karen Burnham looks at two novels, Redwood and Wildfire, a historical fantasy by Andrea Hairston, and Galore, a more mimetic historical novel by Michael Crummey, and notes the similarities in their discussion of women's power in their settings.

The Strange Horizons fund drive is going into its final week still far short of its goal.  If you can, please consider helping the magazine continue to publish stories, poems, articles, columns, and of course reviews. The list of fund drive prizes has also been updates: the new prizes are listed here.

Shoutout to Erin Hodges. 

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