Strange Horizons Reviews, October 3-7

Victoria Hoyle kicks off this week's reviews with a review of recent World Fantasy Award nominee Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord.  Though charmed by novel, Victoria is also a little hesitant about it, wondering if it isn't a little too charming, and its resolution a little too neat.  Paul Kincaid follows with a similarly ambivalent review of Chris Adrian's The Great Night, a retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in present-day San Francisco which, Paul concludes, might be stronger in its mimetic portions than its fantastic ones.  T.S. Miller rounds out the week with a review of the second volume of Subterranean Press's The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick.  Though he admires the stories, he also finds much to question about Subterranean's editorial decisions.

We're going into the last few days of the Strange Horizons fund drive (I mistakenly thought this was two weeks ago).  This week, like last, the pace of donations has been strong, but we're still only at 2/3 of our target.  At the Strange Horizons blog, Niall Harrison is reporting on daily draws of bonus prizes for people who donate on that day--today's prize is two volumes of Paul Cornell's Lex Luthor arc for Action Comics.

Shoutout to Erin Hodges. 


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